Reader Request: Baptism #bfingstyle

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Reader Jenny reached out to me on Instagram asking for some help in finding a breastfeeding friendly dress for her daughter's upcoming baptism. Her requirements were something that wouldn't make her look frumpy, but still allow her to breastfeed on demand. She preferred a dress in a neutral color that would let her feel pretty and elegant for her daughter and family's special day. 

Jenny, I know exactly where you're coming from. We all need a break from spit up covered yoga pants. If dressing up for such a wonderful occasion makes you feel more like yourself, go for it!

I found Jenny several breastfeeding friendly dresses, but this one from Old Navy was my favorite. It has a subtle pattern to it that wouldn't be overpowering. While it is sheer, it has buttons to the waist and a built in slip which can be moved for nursing. I added sea foam green accessories, including a scarf if covered nursing is preferred. The taupe and black tote is large enough for baby accessories and looks luxe, but is under $50. The lace up flats are a fun alternative to regular ballet flats.

Jenny, I hope you feel beautiful at your daughter's baptism! Please share pics and tag them with #bfingstyle.

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