Life Lessons to Learn From Our Children

As adults and especially as parents, we are expected to teach our children to walk, to talk, math, and more. Sometimes we get so busy teaching them that we forget that they can teach us things as well. Here are six life lessons I've learned from my children.

It's okay to say "no" 

This seems to be my toddler's favorite word and we hear it several (hundred) times a day. Hearing him say no reminds me that I can say it, too. I struggle with saying it because I hate to turn down opportunities, but I tend to burn out if I don't use some restraint in taking on new tasks. 

Love yourself

I touched on this a little bit in a recent post. My sons have no issues when they get dressed in the morning. They don't worry about things like whether those shorts make them look stumpy or whether their arms look more like chicken wings in this shirt. Instead, they talk about how strong they are and how big their muscles are. I am truly in awe of the way they hurtle through life without an ounce of insecurity or self-consciousness. 

Have a big and forgiving heart

I am far from the perfect mother. I raise my voice more than I would like and am not as patient as I could be. These beautiful little souls I am responsible for do not care. Their hearts are as big as their imagination and they forgive quickly. A hug and an apology for yelling leads my 5 year old to say, "it's okay Mommy, I forgive you." Six little words that humble me each time I hear them.

Use your imagination often

Whether it's a box that has turned into a rocket ship, my boys remind me to use my imagination. In a world of bills, deadlines, and chores, it's nice to make believe I'm a pirate or a chef or a world class athlete. 

Use your body often

As a boy mom, I need to get used to high energy kids. We go for walks nearly every day, play outside for as long as the weather allows, and move our bodies a lot - at least it seems like a lot to me! My kids remind me to get out and get active regularly. On extra hot or rainy days, we have dance parties in the living room. i'm a firm believer in the power of dance parties. Now if only there was some way to bottle their energy and sell it...

Be curious

Watching my children learn things for the first time has been one of my favorite parts of motherhood. From questions on how plants grow to how a carwash works to the electoral college (seriously), my oldest is constantly asking questions. Their ability to be fascinated by things I take for granted is a wonderful reminder to always be curious.

Have your children taught you any lessons about life? Share in the comments below!


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