Naya is a stay at home mom to two boys. She is a lactation educator and counselor working towards becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).  She had a difficult start to breastfeeding her oldest son. She learned as much as she could about breastfeeding and it soon became a passion. Although she and her youngest had their own issues to overcome, breastfeeding was much easier the second time around.

Naya has dealt with postpartum depression and anxiety, and has been vocal about her struggles with perinatal mood disorders. She works hard to balance motherhood, school, and taking time for herself. The blog was originally started in July 2011, as a way to do little things for herself. Typical blog topics include breastfeeding, motherhood, nursing friendly style, and redefining yourself after having children. Her parenting style often falls into the “crunchy” category, but she does what works best for her family. Since she is South Asian and her husband is American, they work to blend their unique backgrounds into raising their boys.


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Disclaimer: She not affiliated with any company. Her reviews are solely based on her own thoughts and opinions. The products have been purchased with by Naya, unless otherwise stated. If you are a company or a PR professional and would like Naya to do a review or giveaway of your product, please e-mail lactivistinlouboutins at gmail dot com.