My Mom Uniform: the Multitasker

This week's breastfeeding style post features an item that serves a dual purpose. A scarf can be an accessory, or you can use it to cover while breastfeeding. Many of the styles I share feature clothes that allow a woman to breastfeed over the top of the shirt or dress. Some moms prefer to cover. I go back and forth. Some days I want to stay covered, other days I give no... well, you know.

Scarves can be tricky. I have no less than six pins on tying a scarf. An infinity scarf does all the work for you. If you don't care for the orange shown below, the scarf featured comes in a variety of colors. The bag is large enough to hold a changing pad and other diaper bag necessities.  The gold accents on the sandals give it a luxe look for less. The dress features a peekaboo cutout in the back.

All items in this week's set are $50 or below; in fact you can buy the entire outfit for under $150! Please note that some items are on sale. Prices may change as promotions end. As always, click below to shop.

Summer Scarf