My Mom Uniform: Pleated Maxi Skirt

The end of July means stores are clearing out summer clothing to make room for fall. Living in Texas, the end of July means I can get summer clothing on sale to wear for several more months! I happened upon this gorgeous sheer (but lined to above the knee) coral pleated skirt at Target and had to have it.

I mentally ran through the items in my closet to figure out how to wear it, and immediately thought of a striped t-shirt. Switching a traditional t-shirt with a striped nursing shirt would make it breastfeeding friendly. To make it more interesting, I would tuck the shirt into the skirt and add the woven belt, but tie it in a classic belt knot. A fedora, gladiator sandals, and turquoise accessories would pull it all together. As always, click below to shop.

Maxi Skirt Mama