My Summer Bucket List

My friend Cheyenne at Girl v. The World put together a great blog post with her summer bucket list. I thought I'd follow suit with a list of my own. This summer is different than every other summer I've had: I'm at home now, with two kids who are also at home, in a brand new city.

In the past, E has gone to a summer program at school and I've worked full time. I'll be honest, I'm both underwhelmed and overwhelmed at all the options. Some days it seems like there's lots to do, but some days it seems like there's nothing to do. So how do I keep myself and two young kids busy this summer?

Explore Austin We live in this new cool city full of hiking trails, splash pads, and so much good food. We haven't been checking out the city at all, but I think we're ready to start now.

Get our library cards Dave and I loved the library as kids and we both hope the boys will be bibliophiles like us. It has an unusually rainy summer, so this would be a great place to go for story time and activities.

Eat out, not take out Up to this point, going to dinner with a preschooler and an infant has been nothing more than breastfeed, entertain the big kid, order, breastfeed, entertain the big kid, eat, breastfeed, walk the big kid around, get the check, leave before the baby freaks out. It becomes stressful and isn't fun or relaxing. Since the baby does well with table food and the big kid can sit for just a little bit longer, going out to eat has been more fun. We've even got an incident-free Sunday brunch under our belt!

Swim Our house is in a community with fantastic pools. We need to make use of them. We could also get a kiddie pool for the backyard for immediate splashing.

Build more pillow forts to watch movies on rainy days. Because Ethan will only be 4.5 years old once, he adores them, and we won't always want to go to the library.

Take Ethan to his first movie A local movie theater offers a "Baby Day," where infants are welcome: movies are slightly turned down and lights are slightly turned up. Bonus points if we can get Daddy to take the day off to join us.

More messy arts and crafts This is the perfect time to let E go wild with paint. I can take him outside to clean him up or he can paint outside.

Make use of our memberships We have memberships to a couple of neat and kid friendly places. While I'm sure they will be packed all summer long, I can't think of a better time to go and explore.

What's on your summer bucket list?