My Mom Uniform: the Weekend Outfit (Summer Edition)

Growing up in the northeast, it was easy to wear jeans all year long. It got hot in the summer, but typically only for a few days. Now that I'm in Texas, things have to change. It's getting warmer here in Austin. My days of wearing jeans are rapidly drawing to a close, unless I want heat stroke. I normally wear a pair of shorts for the functionality - with kids, you need pockets! I came across this cute nursing dress and thought it was easy enough to wear while running errands with the boys.

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On the Go Mama

The dress above is from Milk Nursingwear. While the olive color is pictured above, it's available in a number of additional colors including blue, pink, and black. It's also available in a maxi dress and tank dress.


Links to Shop

Since several of the products from the original post are no longer available, I updated the widget below with current findings (as of June 2016). Find similar dresses, bags, shoes, and teething necklaces below.

Happy shopping!!