A Love Letter to Cold Medicine

Dear DayQuil,

How have you been? I know this is going to come off a little strong, but I miss you. I just had to say it. I can't live another day of coughing, sneezing, and having a stuffy nose without you in my life. But something stands between us - I have a nursling. Even though he's almost a year old, he still drinks a lot of milk.

Via Flickr/Steven Depolo

Since there's no definite data on how you would impact my milk supply, this must continue to be a case of unrequited love. I know you're listed as "Probably Safe" in my MommyMeds app, but I just can't take that chance. I worked too hard to get to this point with my breastfeeding relationship. I hope to have you back in my life in another year or so. Until then I'll continue to be miserable (and pee a little every time I sneeze and cough), but I will be thinking of you the whole time.

With love and snot,