15 Life Lessons Learned From My Lady Friends

This Saturday is Valentine's Day, but February 13th is also a day about celebrating - it's Galentine's Day! Fans of TV show Parks and Rec may be familiar with this day of sisterly love, but I'm seeing more and more people embrace this idea [side note: I think we should celebrate our women friends every day, but that's another post for another day].

Image via  Julep

Image via Julep

Many of my lady friends are moms, and many of them live several hundred miles away. I've known some for years, while others are new friends that have become good friends. Regardless of how long we've been in each others lives, I'm thankful for their friendship, support, and what I have learned from them. In honor of Galentine's Day, I present to you a list of 15 things my lady friends have taught me in the past year.

  1. I'm never alone in what I am going through. There's a high likelihood that someone has gone through it before me and will support me through it.
  2. Family can be more than blood relatives; family is who you choose.
  3. It takes a village to have a child. 
  4. It takes a village to be a mother.
  5. A quick, encouraging text can really help make a bad day not so terrible.
  6. It's important to celebrate all victories, big or small.
  7. Sometimes all you need is someone to listen and give you a big hug.
  8. Friendship isn't always a smooth road. It's how you handle the bumps that matters.
  9. Happiness is a mom friend whose kids are friends with your kids. Two birds, one stone.
  10. Self care is better with a buddy. Mani/pedi date, anyone??
  11. A weekly text date is a great way to stay in touch.
  12. I deserve to surround myself with positivity.
  13. Regardless of how long someone is in your life, they will have made an impact.
  14. A glass of wine or cup of coffee and good conversation is great for the soul.
  15. I am enough.

Wishing you a very Happy Galentine's Day! May you be ever fabulous, smart, and witty!