Friday Favorites - Late Summer Edition

I've been having a hard time maintaining my mom style since having Rohan. I don't get more than a few minutes to shower and get dressed - someone's hungry or crying or generally grumpy. I'm usually left with moments to pick out clothes and have been sticking with shorts and t-shirts, or skinny jeans and t-shirts with flat sandals or Toms. Both outfits meet my basic needs: can I breastfeed easily in it? Can I chase a preschooler in it?  My saving grace to making my uniform a little more me have been accessories. Here's what I'm wearing on repeat.

Monograms. They seem to be having a moment; I've seen monogram stickers on cars, wooden monograms on fireplace mantels, and all over accessories. They seem to be a fun, preppy way to personalize a common item. I can't get enough of them, particularly monogram necklaces. They're available at several different online retailers. While it does take some time for them to get created since they're custom, I think they're worth the wait. I have seen monograms available in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. I recently bought an acrylic monogram necklace in a sparkly silver - it's a lot of fun. Next on my monogram list is a monogrammed leather clutch.

Acrylic monogram necklace from ElizaJay Charm

Leopard sporty shoes. I've extolled the virtues of leopard print all over this blog. Lately I have been noticing lots of sporty shoes now available in leopard. The shoes I'm into aren't basketball sneakers or running shoes (although I just came across a pair of leopard print Nikes) - they're the Converse Chuck Taylors or Vans slip ons. I own a few pairs of Chuck Taylors and Vans, but none in leopard. When I saw that both are now available in leopard, they were quickly bumped up to the top of my must have list. I took the plunge and bought my first pair of high top chucks (I'm normally a low top kinda gal), in leopard print. You can bet I'll be going after the Vans next.

Leopard print Chuck Taylors from Free People

Delicate necklaces. Perfect for layering and a pretty way to dress up an ordinary v-neck t-shirt or button down, they're just enough. It's also a nice change from the chunky, colorful necklaces that have become very popular. I have several pendant necklaces that I've accrued over the years, but I'm loving the current trend of bar necklaces paired with others. If you're hesitant to try layering on your own, you have the option of purchasing necklaces that have multiple layers built in from retailers like BaubleBar (my referral link) and individual artisans on Etsy. 

Image from