Guest Post: Yoga for Everyone!

Fun and Yoga
Where is the fun??? Fun is an element in adults’ lives, and even in kids’ lives, that is often neglected and dismissed as unimportant. Let’s rediscover the importance of fun and some of the benefits:
  •        It makes you happy! …and therefore healthy! Yay for endorphins!
  •        It’s a much safer environment to learn in, as opposed to fear.
  •        It helps to release tension.
  •        It creates space to explore and release unprocessed emotions.
  •        It’s a place where we learn to interact and communicate with others.
  •        While having fun we learn to play and live under certain basic rules of mutual respect.
When we have fun, we step out of ourselves… out of our worries and out of our usual thought patterns. So having fun is a kind of meditation, and a well needed one.
People need to lighten up! That’s why I love teaching kids yoga – it reminds me that life is about playing, exploring, and having fun!  In my kids yoga classes it is more important for the child to have fun than to have perfect poses or perfect balance or a perfect understanding of Sanskrit.  Those will be achieved with time but having fun in the moment of that practice and feeling great about themselves in the practice of those elements is much more important than drilling in a forced position or perfectly recited mantras in Sanskrit.

Having fun is an essential social service that needs to be administered much more often in our society.  And because fun and happiness are a social engagement, when we have good healthy fun we inevitably make other people happy too. It’s a way to promote global health and well-being. World peace, baby! Fun is simply the best way to relieve tension in any form of relationship. Fun is, of course, an attitude rather than an action.
Yoga is really a practice of attitude, actually what makes it yoga or not really is your attitude. If you do yoga poses while thinking about how much you hate someone, you are not doing yoga at all. Yoga is in the mind. Yoga is what you think rather than what you do. Yoga is WHY you do it; it is your attitude.

Happiness is an attitude too.  And like yoga, it is something that needs to be practiced.  Do something fun every day! Keep yourself busy with having fun, or in helping others be happy.  Being happy is a selfless pursuit. When you are happy you are a light in everyone’s path.  Your shared happiness is making their hearts feel lighter and their faces shine with smiles.

I’ve seen a lot of unhappy people lately in the community. I’ve been unhappy at times myself.  We all have.  It’s a kind of mood you drop into when your purpose is not clear, when you are not sure anymore why you are doing the things you are doing. It’s a valid feeling, but it’s a stupid one. It doesn’t benefit anyone, especially not yourself.

Happiness is here and now inside of you and all around you. It’s in your body and it is in the world.  It is in your child!  So come on… let’s have more fun, tap into our happy, and let it shine brightly!

Why Yoga for Kids?

Gymnastics, swimming, dance, martial arts, basketball, soccer… There are already many choices available to parents for physical, movement-based extracurricular classes for their children. What makes yoga different? And what are the benefits for yoga for children?

Yoga for kids is a fun way for children to develop important skills in a fun, non-competitive environment.
Even at a young age, children often feel pressure academically and socially. Yoga is a great remedy; there is no judgment in a yoga class about how a child does a pose or plays a game. Doing a pose ‘perfectly’ is not the aim of yoga.  The aim of yoga is to nurture a child’s inner strength and self-acceptance.

This nourishing atmosphere encourages children to relax and have fun while they develop not only strength, coordination, flexibility and balance, but also body awareness, better focus and concentration, and self-confidence.

In Winks & Wiggles Yoga classes, there is a balance between spontaneity and structure, so that children learn to listen to themselves and each other as well as express themselves creatively. Interweaving story, song, games and poses, children learn in a multi-sensory environment, exploring kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning.
But what makes yoga classes different from other movement-based activities incorporating music and games, like Gymborees? Besides the immense physical and mental benefits, a central principle of yoga practice is respect and honor: for ourselves, for each other, and our environment.
 In a yoga class, children can go on a magical journey around the world, and learn about many cultures and places. Since many of the yoga poses are of animals, children also learn about nature, different animal habitats, endangered species, and even recycling!
Yoga is a holistic practice, with an inner as well as outer focus. But most importantly for kids, yoga is fun!

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