Guest Post: The Pumping Mama

Sometimes birth and breastfeeding don't go the way we want it to. It can leave a mother feeling hurt, angry, sad, disappointed, and even traumatized. Writing a letter to your health care professionals can be very cathartic and provide women a way to heal. The Pumping Mama shares her letter to her health care professionals.

To The Health Care Professionals

Thank you for letting me down.

Thank you for not reading my birth plan, for ignoring my wishes, for arguing about my care while I laid bleeding to death.

Thank you for forcing Moo to the breast, for making her first nursing experiences as traumatic as possible. Thank you for not calling on specialist help.

Thank you for noticing her tongue tie, but choosing to do nothing about it for five weeks. Thank you for not supporting me after the procedure to correct it.

Thank you for telling me to quit, that mastitis meant the end. Thank you for telling me that me being happy meant that my baby would be.

Thank you for being so unhelpful and unsupportive that my main source of advice and encouragement were strangers on the Internet.

I don't know if it's because you were so busy, understaffed, over stretched. I don't know if it's lack of training and experience. All I know is that I'm hurting, and I shouldn't be.

The Pumping Mama is proud mum to Moo, age 2. She writes about her experience as an exclusive pumper and is very open about her battles with depression. You can also find her on Facebook.