Is It Fall Yet?

It's officially September which means it's unofficially fall. Despite living in Texas, I am looking forward to the day I can pack away my shorts and tank tops and pull out my sweaters and boots. Even though I'm a big fan of all things fall (weather, colors, pumpkin!), there are still a few summer trends I plan to carry through to the crisper, shorter days ahead. Here are three summer trends I loved that I'm bringing into the fall and two I wasn't crazy about that are being left behind.
    3 Trends I'm bringing into Fall
  1. Red orange lipstick. I recently rediscovered my Revlon LipButter in Candy Apple Red. It would be a nice departure from the deep red and berry shades that are popular in the latter part of the year. It also reminds me of autumn leaves changing colors.
    Red Orange Lips

  2. Turquoise and mint. These colors were my summer staples - lots of tops in the beachy colors. To make them wearable for fall, I plan on toning them down by layering them with neutral cardigans or blazers. I can also pair my turquoise and mint jewelry with tops in neutral colors or patterns.
    Summery Hues

  3. Summer dresses. Adding a belted sweater to sleeveless maxi dresses is a very easy way to transition them to summer. I plan to do the same thing for sundresses and add tights to them as well.
    Summer dress

    2 Trends That are Staying with the Summer
  1. Bangs. After having very long bangs since Ethan was born, I decided to get some shorter side swept bangs a few months ago. Mistake. Instead of swooping beautifully, they stuck to my face. Not attractive. Since the hair around my face is much wavier than the hair on my head, I usually had to do something about them. I heat styled them for the first two weeks, then said screw it and pinned them back while enjoying a few extra minutes of sleep. Conclusion: I love bangs, but not on me.
  2. Eyelash extensions. I bought a Groupon for a local spa (after verifying they were legit) for eyelash extensions and really loved the way they looked. Most days I would go to work barefaced (except for under eye concealer) because that's how finished I looked. I got compliments left and right. Blinking would create a gentle breeze for those around me. E loved the butterfly kisses and would giggle while asking for more. I would religiously go back every 3 weeks for a fill. It was a wonderful relationship. Then my lash tech left and I couldn't get in with the tech that was available. So I left them fall off one by one. I looked pretty awful for a while, but now they're all gone and I'm wearing my favorite mascara again. It was fun while it lasted, but not easy on the wallet or my "spare" time.

    Exhibit A: pinned back bangs and eyelash extensions. Wearing MAC's RiRi Woo on my 32nd birthday.

What summer trends are you bringing into fall? Are there any you're leaving behind? Share in the comments!