Thank You For Nursing in Public

A few weeks ago, I saw a mom nursing in public at an Indian restaurant. I don't see too many moms NIP, probably because many moms are afraid of negative feedback when they NIP. My husband even noticed (he's a lactivist by proxy) and said, "Hey, there's a nursing mom back there! Did you see? Get a card out." The business cards for my lactation education and counseling business have a thanks for nursing in public message on the back.

I waited until the person sitting across from her had gone up to get seconds from the buffet when I dropped off the thanks for NIP card at her table. I gave her a quick smile, told her she was doing a great job, and headed over to tandoori chicken and bhindi masala land (aka my heaven). I was a little nervous as to how she would react to the card. She gave me a smile after reading the card and when she left the restaurant. A few days later, I had an email from her.

This made me so very happy!

I am floored that my little thanks for NIP card had such an impact on her! I am also shocked that she felt ashamed for nursing her baby in public. No mother should feel ashamed for feeding their child! I don't think I fully understood the potential impact of these cards, but I am glad I gave her the confidence boost she needed. I wrote back and encouraged her to keep nursing and told her how wonderful she is for continuing to do what's best for her baby despite the rude comments and looks. I have given out a few of my NIP cards, but no one has ever written me letting me know how it affected them.

Have you ever given or received praise for nursing your LO in public?