Things I Like

I haven't done one of these in a while. I've been trying to curb my extra spending, so I haven't been trying many new things.
I'm always on the lookout for ways to cut down time spent getting dressed in the morning. I discovered BB cream last summer, but didn't really start using it until the winter. If you're not familiar: BB cream is short for beauty balm cream, an all-in-one serum, primer, and tinted moisturizer, and some formulas also have sunscreen. It can be worn alone (usually how I wear it) or layered with powder, concealer, or foundation, depending on your coverage preference.

I love it because it evens my skin tone and helps hide marks. My preferred choice is Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Medium, which costs less than $10 and is available just about everywhere. I put it on as a base (no moisturizer) and then use concealer on top for my dark circles and/or dark spots. It lasts all day, but does rub off if I wipe my mouth or blow my nose.

Last week I took E to lunch with several other moms and some had brought their kiddos. One toddler was sitting quietly playing a game on an iPad that involved letters. E is obsessed with letters, so I had to ask about the game. Turned out it's a free app called Endless Alphabet. It's a great little app involving dragging letters that make sounds to create words. There are little monsters that act out the words after the kiddo has spelled them out. I showed E how to play it on the iPad and he was hooked: he sat quietly for about 45 minutes playing. I'm really into this because it doesn't involve a meltdown or Dora the Explorer!

Spelling out exercise

I was fortunate enough to see Tegan & Sara in concert a few years ago. They recently released Heartthrob and I can't stop listening to it. Great, poppy album. Their lead single Closer is incredibly catchy!