Cool It With the Crazy

Things have been kind of quiet around here because we've been focusing on other things: D starts grad school in a few hours and I've been focusing on getting my lactation education & counseling business up. Oh, and that whole weaning thing makes it a bit challenging to write about breastfeeding.

We've decided to put E in school for a few days a week. We both really like the Montessori style of teaching and after interviewing a few schools on the area, we found one! It's small, cozy, and won't break the bank. While going through the mountain of paperwork, I came across this nugget in the parents handbook (emphasis is mine):

Parents are welcome to come in and observe and participate with their children at any time. Parents are also welcome to a comfortable place with a seat that enables her child to breastfeed.
Am I interpreting this incorrectly? If E were still nursing, I could nurse him there? It doesn't say anything explicitly about babies, and the school's minimum age requirement is 18 months. I'm having a hard time figuring out whether that refers to the students of the school or their younger siblings. I'm quite familiar with what happens when you assume...

We will find out either way because I sent the director a gushing enthusiastic email about how much I appreciate their support of nursing moms and breastfeeding past infancy. And how I'm working towards an IBCLC. Because she so obviously needs to know. Do you think I've already been branded the crazy breastfeeding mom?

I think I need to cool it with the crazy.