Breastfeeding Haikus

Several months back, my friend Ashleigh and I were discussing breastfeeding haikus. Today she sent me several that I have to share.
the world rushes by.
busy, frantic, crazy, wild.
I nurse my baby

4 am
soft skin, milky grin
right, left, right, left, right, again
tired momma sleeping

more milk please, mommy
little fists rub sleepy eyes
and we fall asleep

Growing up so fast
silly faces, noises, sounds
miss you already

I bet you can guess which one is my favorite....

Here are some I came up with

Mama and baby,
Perfectly in synch.
It is more than milk.

Lots of tears, soreness.
We are both learning to nurse.
The season will pass.

Have you written a breastfeeding haiku? Share it in the comments.