Lactivist By Proxy

I'm very fortunate because my husband has always supported breastfeeding. He was my biggest cheerleader when I wanted to quit nursing E. He is also very vocal about the benefits of breastfeeding and me pursing a career as an IBCLC. Here are five signs based on my experience that your partner is a lactivist:

1. They spot a nursing mom faster than you do and tell you to grab a thanks for nursing in public card from your purse.

2. They vehemently defend a mom's right to nurse as she's comfortable (covered or uncovered), where ever she is comfortable.

3. When you're on the phone talking to someone having breastfeeding issues, they start asking their own questions to you because they want to help.

4. If they spot a nursing mom when out without you, they try to slip the people she's with a note that says thank you for nursing in public.

5. They don't tell your toddler son to stop when the kiddo tries to breastfeed his toys.

How do you know your partner is a breastfeeding advocate? Share in the comments!