BF Blog Hop: Memories

This week's Breastfeeding Blog Hop topic is Memories

Ethan and I had professional nursing pictures taken twice during our 21 months, once at 6 months and again at 18 months. They are some of my very favorite pictures of us. While they may not be for every mama, I believe they're a wonderful way to remember a special time in my life. I may not print and frame it to hang in my living room, I will certainly treasure these beautiful pictures.

I've also taken countless pictures on my phone and thanks to certain apps (Instagram), they look really really good.

E at 2 days old, waiting to be discharged and giving me the stink eye!

Around 7 months old, pouncing on me the second I walk in the door from work. Still in my office clothes.

Bright eyed boy at 15 months.

The last nursing picture, taken in August 2012.

Since we've weaned, I am especially thankful for these sweet memories. Our special rituals (watching the milk drunkenness take over as an infant, kissing his hands and nibbling on his feet as a toddler) are forever imprinted in my heart. I loved nursing him. I love these pictures.