We All Have Secrets...

This week, during the moms breastfeeding group I help co-lead, we talked about the guilt that some moms feel because they're unable to do everything around the house. A number of mamas confessed to clean folded laundry that never gets put away, frozen skillet meals, and doing the bare minimum in order to spend time with their kids and/or maintain their sanity. It seems like everyone did something they weren't particularly proud of in order to get by. In fact, I came up with a list of my own confessions.
    Naya's Dirty Little Secrets
  • We sometimes often let E watch TV while he eats dinner.
  • E's room may turn into a guest room because he sleeps in our bed despite having a beautiful convertible crib.
  • PF Chang's and/or Bertolli's skillet meals are a weekly staple.
  • I don't always buy organic fruit, and when I do I get it from a grocery store, not a coop.
  • The love seat in our living room is used to store clean laundry. Some is folded, some isn't.
  • During fall/winter, we use our CrockPot pretty frequently because we're too tired to do any real cooking.
  • I frequently give myself a "time out" when I start running out of patience with E. All I need is some peace and quiet without whining.
  • We ate out every night over Labor Day weekend. This is not unusual weekend behavior for us.
  • I still nurse E to sleep. It's just easier for everyone.
  • We haven't had company over in months because our house is kind of messy, and we're okay with that.

Not to blame Pinterest, but who has the time to do all those DIY projects while hanging out with their toddler dressed really nicely with nail art on their perfectly manicured hands? While it has tons of great ideas, I can feel pangs of guilt because I don't do 99% of the cool toddler activities, fab DIYs, or make the delicious recipes that I pin. I'd rather play with blocks than meticulously cut pipe cleaners or wield a hot glue gun. Truth: I've only done 3 pins, and 2 were for hairstyles involving ponytails.

The lesson here is that no mom is perfect, and very few have it together. Most are doing what they can to get through the day. Someone recently told me, "Kids don't remember a perfectly clean house (or a chevron-striped wall in their living room). They remember spending time with their parents." Don't guilt yourself over not finishing items on your to do list. It's okay if you can't balance it all. I can't either. Chances are most of your mom friends are doing the same thing!

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