BF Blogs: Helping or Hurting?

This week's Breastfeeding Blog Hop topic is: “Do you think blogs help or hurt breastfeeding?"

When I was going through the first rough early weeks with E, I relied heavily on the internet for support. I came across blogs that were so helpful. Other moms had issues and were feeling betrayed by their bodies, dealing with crazy post partum hormones and emotions just like I was. I felt very isolated: I couldn't go anywhere because I was pumping after every feed and supplementing with my expressed milk. They also helped me see that not every mom and baby had a perfect start with breastfeeding. It is not uncommon for mom-baby dyads have problems.Breastfeeding blogs were invaluable in letting me know that I wasn't alone.

With the good, comes the bad. During the overnight pumping sessions, my tired mind would forget that many of these blogs were anecdotal and not evidence based. The next morning, I'd think back to what I read and it would go against what I'd read in books or on websites like Kellymom or LLL. It's important for moms looking for support to realize that most blogs are personal experiences, not the norm or what is expected of all nursing moms.

I also came across a lot of what I refer to as unsupportive support. This includes such statements as, "Nursing in public is fine as long as you're covered" or "breastfeeding is best for baby until they have teeth/can ask for it/walk." Many of these comments can really affect a new breastfeeding mom, even if it was not the author's intent since they're merely stating their opinions and experiences. It's very important for new moms to remember this. I think a certain responsibility falls on the author as well. Jeniffer at Sisters N Cloth does a great job of explaining this.

Do I think blogs help or hurt breastfeeding? I'd have to say they do a bit of both. What do you think?