Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Here are a few things I've been enjoying lately.
  • BaubleBar I am an accessories junkie. I especially love jewelry. The prettier, the better. For years, I've been buying junk cheap jewelry at stores like Forever 21. I'm lucky if it lasts for a season. This year, I've decided to upgrade a bit. My friend Hitha introduced me to BaubleBar. BaubleBar sells good quality, trendy jewelry. While the pieces cost more than F21, they are certainly better quality and look a lot more luxe as well. They also collaborate with designers for pop up shops.
    I've made a few purchases from there and have been really thrilled with their baubles. Included with each purchase is a hand-written thank you note. Who does that anymore? Their customer service is also very prompt and polite. Shipping is free.Interested in checking them out? Use my referral link.

    Pave Pyramid Bangles - $20 each
  • Rose gold Much to my mother's dismay, I don't wear yellow gold. Even though it looks great on South Asian skin, I don't like the way it looks on me. I've been a silver/white gold/platinum/palladium person forever. When I saw rose gold, I was intrigued. It's a departure from the cold look of silver. I think the blush tones are more flattering on my skin tone and make it more versatile. Below are a few of beautiful rose gold pieces that can be easily mixed with what's already in your jewelry box. Because it's so versatile, it's mixes well with different metals and colors. Maybe it's a gateway metal and I'll be wearing yellow gold in the near future. I know it would make my mom happy!
    Make Me Blush

  • Mama Mia For the past several months, my skin has been going crazy. I get horrible hormonal breakouts each month: 4+ huge, deep, painful cystic acne-type pimples. It has been happening every month without fail. Since adult cystic acne runs in my family, I even went to a dermatologist to see if anything could be done. Since I'm still nursing, my options are limited and the doctor didn't have any real suggestions. I ended up purchasing a Clarisonic Mia system, and have been using it nightly for a few months. Rather than using Clarisonic's face wash, I use it with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple. It's helped my skin significantly. While I still get a monthly breakout, I'm seeing fewer pimples. The ones that appear are not as deep either.
    There was some debate about whether I should buy the Mia or her newer sister the Mia 2. The only differences: the Mia 2 has 2 speeds and a timer. Not worth the extra $30. I don't care about the variable speed, and I can keep count to figure out when to change areas. Plus the Mia comes in a ton of colors (I got the turquoise), while the Mia 2 comes in only pink and white.
    If the $119 price is a little steep, wait a bit. Many big cosmetics retailers have 20% off throughout the year. In fact, your best bet may be online. I got mine from for just under $100 with free shipping and no tax.

What are you digging lately?