Summer Style

Memorial Day has come and gone, which means we are unofficially into summer. Now that E is a year and a half, I am more comfortable leaving him at home while doing Fun "Me" Things (FMT). While I have been doing FMT for some time now, I usually feel guilty for leaving E at home. That feeling is slowly going away. I'm not sure if I've gotten over it or have gotten better at ignoring it. I'll take it, whatever it is.

Doing FMT means that I can have more fun with my style than I do during the work week. I put together a few outfits I would wear for weekend with FMT activities featuring items from Pondicherry, a great online shop that features Indian inspired apparel and accessories. I had included some gorgeous accessories from them in a previous post about South Asian inspired jewelry. They have recently expanded their product lines and included designers such as nOir Jewelry and Emerson Fry

My FMT weekend would start with a bite to eat with my girl friends. This is the perfect outfit for an outdoor (boozy) Saturday brunch with BFFs. Summer white looks great with summer skin and this breezy tunic would be forgiving if I went a little overboard at brunch.

Easy Breezy Brunch

That night would be date night with my darling husband. I'm a huge fan of the LBD and this is a great way to work it during the summer. The statement necklace and clutch add pops of color, while the ring adds an extra touch of sparkle without going overboard.

Date night

Despite wanting a full weekend of FMT, I know would miss the heck out of the kiddo. I imagine my Sunday to be spent with my family. I'd wear my usual weekend uniform of jeans, a t-shirt, and flats, but spice it up a bit. Regular blue jeans would be traded for a pair of colored skinnies and my solid tee would be switched out with a unique graphic shirt. Add some fun jewelry and a bag big enough for some diapers and a sippy cup, and I am set!

Mom on the Go

Weekends are a great time for a mom to change up her style by trying something new, like the gorgeous gauzy tunic. If you'd rather stay within your comfort zone, it's easy to look at favorite pieces in a new light by adding some bold accessories. While it's normal to lose site of your pre-baby fashion sense (I know I have), mixing style elements from your past with your current wardrobe usually leads to a great new look.

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