Quick Life Update

Ok, so I know I'm on hiatus while I wrap up this class (2 more weeks!), but I have to share this bit of good news in my life. Starting next week, I'm going to help co-lead a local breastfeeding support group!

Confession: I wanted to fill this entire post with smiley faces

Two other mamas and I will help lead the group, giving the two current leaders a break. The group is well established - they've been helping moms out for 9 years!

I've written over and over and over again about how important support was for me during those first few weeks and again when I went back to work. I am thrilled to be given such a wonderful opportunity to support moms. If you or someone you know is in the DFW area and in need of some mom-to-mom breastfeeding support, send them over!

Eek, why am I so nervous? Definitely the good kind of nervous. IBCLC, here I come!