Thunder Thighs

This week's Breastfeeding Blog Hop topic is favorite things about breastfeeding

Two words for you: Thunder thighs.

Baby love's thunder thighs when he was 8 weeks old

E lost nearly a pound after he was born thanks to lack of cheek fat which led to ineffective sucking. Little guy would nurse and nurse without much intake until we realized what was wrong. It took us a while to get back to birth weight. I would see other breastfed babies around his age being roly poly squishy little things and feel bad that my son wasn't there. I know, I know, don't compare. Easier said than done.

Then he started gaining like crazy. And he got roly poly and squishy. He got the cutest freaking set of thunder thighs I had ever seen. And that's when it finally hit me that we were finally doing it right. The numbers on the scale were meaning less but the thigh and wrist rolls spoke volumes.

I relaxed and started to enjoy nursing him. I looked forward to giving him the perfect food custom made for his needs. I loved knowing that I was responsible for those little chubby areas. I loved knowing that we were finally in sync.

Thunder thighs. Pinchable, kissable, squishable, sweet thunder thighs. They are my most favorite thing about breastfeeding.