Six Things No One Told Me About Toddlers

The past few weeks have not been the easiest in our house. E is now almost 16 months old and more of a little boy every day. It blows my mind how fast he's grown. I try to enjoy every moment with him, but lately I wish I could hit fast forward! I know, I know, this is just beginning. Wait until he turns two.
    Six Things No One Told Me About Toddlers
  1. They don't like to go to sleep. We've never had an especially easy time getting E to sleep, but lately it has gotten downright impossible. He goes down for naps during the day pretty easily, but I have no idea what happens to him at night. Every night has been a battle.

  2. They don't have a concept of a schedule. This is why don't go out too often. It's his way or the highway, and it's easier to do it his way at home.

  3. Everything is a play thing. E has got a room full of toys and books, but he ignores them in favor of random things. His current favorite "toys" are straws and receipts or other scraps of paper.

  4. Nursing a toddler should be an Olympic event. I could write on this topic forever! Long story short, it is trying and not easy. Nursing him in public really takes some baby wrangling skills.

  5. Meltdowns are no joke. I suppose not all babies are as dramatic as E, but his meltdowns are epic. He's recently realized that he can purposely fall down and scream. Oy.

  6. It is amazing to see him learn. My favorite thing ever is to see him learn how to do things. Whether it is a word, how to play with a new toy, or a new trick, it is amazing to me to see this little sponge soak up everything around him.