In My Diaper Bag: East Meets West

I know that I don't actually keep jewelry in my diaper bag, but I've been wearing some of this jewelry while carrying the diaper bag. That counts, right?

One of my fondest memories growing up was seeing my mom get all dressed up for parties and weddings. Most times she would wear a sari and her ensemble would not be complete without a trip to the bank vault for the jewels. Emeralds and rubies and diamonds, oh my! Some would be sets given to her by her parents, others were given to her by my dad. I loved watching her put them on and remember her saying, "When I die, you'll get this." I know it sounds really morbid, but I hope my Desi ladkis will understand it. She still says these things every now and again.
I don't go to enough fancy parties or weddings to justify wearing a sari, let alone all of her jewels. I'm also more of a costume jewelry kind of girl. It's more in my budget and I feel it can be incorporated a little easier into a western wardrobe. Plus, if I lose an earring or a bracelet, I'm not losing a lot of money.

Much to my mother's disappointment, a lot of my wedding jewelry was fake.

I usually keep an eye out for Indian inspired pieces on flash sale sites like Gilt, Ideeli, Rue La La, Zulily, or Haute Look. I've been snagging some great pieces by designers like Amrita Singh (my favorite!) and Chamak by Priya Kakkar. My #TeamMasalaMommas crew recently introduced me to Pondicherry, which I am sure will become a fast favorite.
I usually end up buying a great pair of statement earrings, but I've started venturing into necklaces as well. I got a pair of Chamak by Priya Thakkar Crystallized earrings from a Gilt warehouse sale for cheap.
My favorite pair of turquoise earrings are Amrita Singh's Rosaline earrings that I purchased last year. They were one of my favorite things I bought last year. Here I am wearing them at an impromptu date night. As you can see they add an exotic air to whatever you pair them with.

Sadly, they're no longer available, but they are gorgeous! Luckily, these Nello earrings are similarly styled and are available in a number of different colors.

Amrita Singh's new POP! necklace was a featured item on a Chicago TV show a few weeks ago. To celebrate, the necklace was 75% off(!) with a discount code. You know I got two. The crescent moon shape makes it slightly different than typical stone bib necklaces. It is sure to add a nice POP of color to any spring or summer ensemble. I bought it in Turquoise and Fuschia, but it is also available in Coral and Black.

Amrita Singh's POP! necklace in Fuschia
Amrita Singh's POP! necklace in Turquoise.

Zulily recently had an Amrita Singh sale where I picked up these gorgeous silver bangles using a referral credit. I paid about $5 out of pocket to cover remaining shipping costs. They're perfect for the upcoming warm weather season and can easily make any outfit feel a little fancier.
The similarly styled Jenny Bangle Set is available for $20.

I have not yet shopped with Pondicherry, but have spent the past few hours drooling over looking through their online store. They carry everything from shoes to jewelry (AKA my weaknesses) from a number of different brands including Sir Alistair Rai and my favorite Amrita Singh. Here are a few of my picks:

Mumbai Disco Earrings by Taara

Sunstone and Pearls

Princess Jasmine Sandals in champagne

Opal Clutch in Navy Multi

Tip: My favorite way to wear Indian style jewelry and accessories is with a low key outfit. The jewelry is typically very ornate and colorful - an over the top outfit would take away from its elegance. Unless you're going to a Desi function; then all bets are off!