Breastfeeding by the Numbers

A breakdown of our nursing relationship. Some of these numbers are approximations generated from careful mathematical equations and formulas.

14: number of ounces E lost in the first few days of life
65: number of ounces of donated milk we used
0: ounces of formula E has had
3: number of times I wanted to quit breastfeeding in the first month
3: number of lactation consultants we saw
2: number of times we battled thrush in the first month of life
4: E's age (in weeks) when we first nursed in public

1: number of nursing covers owned
4: E's (in months) when I first NIP without a cover
0: number of nursing covers used (occasionally)
3: number of times pumped during a 9 hour work day when E was exclusively breastfed
1: number of times pumped during a 24 hour day (currently)
3: number of pump parts and bottles purchased
2: number of hands free bras owned
450: number of times in nearly 1 year of working away from home that I went into my pumping "room" (glorified closet) and made my baby's breakfast and lunch
2: number of times I have been walked in on

6: number of pictures of me nursing floating around the internet
6: number of nursing bras owned
5: number of nursing tops owned
0: number of nursing tops used (currently)
3: number of plane trips (roundtrip) E has taken
4: number of states nursed in
1: number of countries nursed in
6: number of months I wanted to breastfeed (original goal)
6.5: E's age (in months) when solids were first introduced
4: number of teeth that have come in
12: number of months I wanted to breastfeed (modified goal)
0: number of ear infections E has had
500: number of ounces of milk donated

Number of months nursing: 14 and counting