Things I Like - 2011 Edition

Lately I've been posting more about the "lactivist" part of this blog's name than the "Louboutins" - lots of breastfeeding stuff, not a lot of other "fluffy" stuff. Even though it's early 2012, I thought I would create a 2011 year-end Things I Like and Bought post. Sadly, no Louboutins were purchased during 2011.
    Things I Liked (and Bought) in 2011
  • PumpEase. I've written about PumpEase hands free pumping bra a number of times. I just like them that much. As a working mom, I use my pump five days a week, multiple times a day. Despite the frequent use, it is still in near-perfect condition.

  • Nicole Ranger brown riding boots. I had written about my love of shoes a little while back and included these shoes. I got them from DSW and paid next to nothing for them, partially because they're constantly giving away gift cards. Anyway, these boots are one of my absolutely favorite pairs of shoes. They're incredibly comfortable, very stylish, and get better looking the more I wear them. I have gotten a number of compliments on them.

  • Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling. I have been a huge fan of Mindy Kaling since Kelly Kapoor slapped Michael Scott in the Diversity Day episode of The Office. She used to have a blog (Things I've Bought That I Love) but stopped writing in 2008. Late last year she started up a new one (The Concerns of Mindy Kaling), which is like her old one but better. Her book is like a series of her blog posts. Like many other female readers, after finishing the book I immediately wanted her to be my best friend. I wanted to meet her for a mani/pedi, boozy lunch, and maybe some shopping after that. Her book is one of my favorites of 2011 because I can relate to being a chubby Indian girl who spent a vast majority of my free time with parents, but didn't really mind it.

  • Essie nail polish in Mint Candy Apple and Turquoise and Caicos. I wore these colors all spring and summer. They even look great together: I'm wearing Turquoise and Caicos on all fingers except the ring finger which has Mint Candy Apple. I called this a mermaid manicure because of the colors.

  • Urban Decay's NAKED palette. This palette came out in early 2011 but sold out pretty quickly. I purchased it in May and it is my go to eye shadow palette, especially for every day. The colors are all pretty neutral, but some have shimmer or a metallic finish to them. One of my favorite colors is Smog, a golden brown which works really well with my complexion and dark eyes. I travel with this palette frequently and it really is all you need. Urban Decay recently released a NAKED 2, but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet.

  • Timi & Leslie Marilyn II diaper bag in raspberry. This bag retails for almost $200, but I found it on Zulily for less than half the retail price. I was using a $9.99 Skip Hop clearance special for most of the year. The zipper had split twice and it was really awkward to hold. I had my eye on getting a diaper bag that didn't look like a diaper bag for a long time. Finally saw this come up and I had to jump on it. Zulily often has great deals on toys, clothing (for mom and kiddo), and everything in between. If you need an invite or want to check it out, click here.

  • Hot Milk "She Languished in Luxury" and "Ruffle My Feathers" nursing camisoles. Both purchased on Zulily. Because I get sick of sleeping in nursing tanks and sweatpants.

  • Amrita Singh Rosaline earrings in turquoise. I snagged these from Ideeli, which is a flash sale site like Zulily, except it focuses less on mom and baby things and more on women things (click here if you'd like an invite). Again, I did not pay the full retail price for these. I think I paid about $30 for them, which is a great deal for her jewelry. These are easily my favorite earrings and further fuel my recent obsession with turquoise accessories.

  • Leopard print TOMS. I adore leopard print, especially in its accessory form. When I saw TOMS had released a leopard print shoe, I wanted it. While I love Louboutins, a ballet flat is more my day-to-day shoe. After years of wearing nothing but Puma ballet flats, I tried on a pair of TOMS and fell in love. It's very comfortable and super easy to slip on. I tried to find these on TOMS' website, but it looks like they're no longer sold :( Either that or they're sold out. Yes, I do know that they will come out with TOMS ballet flats in the spring. It looks like there'll be a leopard print pair there too!

  • Pour La Victoire Murano in black. I was in dire need of black heeled shoes for work. Thanks to winning a voucher from Hitha On the Go, I was able to get a pair of these shoes rather than spending $30 at Target for a pair of crappy black shoes. They are made of the softest leather and are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own. While they're by no means high with a 2.5 inch heel, I feel like I'm in flats when I'm wearing them. My only complaint is that the sole is very smooth. This can be easily fixed by having a cobbler add a rubber sole to the bottom. I had this done with my black peep toe Louboutins and it was worth the $30 I spent on it!

  • Sequin everything. I have been on a big sequin kick the past month, probably because sequins are a huge trend around the holidays and New Years Eve. I purchased a couple of sequin shirts from Banana Republic during their 40% off clearance sale that will make a date night or dinner with the girls a bit more fun. I even bought a pailette (think large sequins) dress from Forever 21. Now I just need somewhere fun to wear it...

  • Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. Nail art was a huge trend in 2011 and it seems to be carrying into 2012. I do not have a hand steady enough to do all the cool intricate designs seen all over Pintrest. These things are awesome! They are like stickers you put on your nails, but they are easily removed with regular nail polish remover. There's no drying time and they last just as long as regular nail polish or longer. I even found these for E's pirate themed first birthday party and they were perfect!

There you have it. My 12 favorite purchases of 2011. Now you know why I didn't want anything for Christmas, I buy myself shit all year long. I've gotten flack from friends about having a new bag or a new pair of shoes, but you know what? I work hard and I might as well enjoy it! What are some of your favorite purchases of 2011?