Happy Nursiversary to Us!

It's hard to believe that my Baby E is a whole year old. The last 365 days have been the craziest of my life and I haven't had a full night's sleep since 12/9/2010. I wouldn't trade any of it. Okay, maybe I'd trade in the lack of sleep.

12/10/2011 also celebrates our one year nursiversary (I made up that word. Isn't it awesome? Use it). My original goal before having the baby was to breastfeed exclusively for six months. After that I would take my cues from E about whether to continue or not. After our first week I wasn't sure we'd make it to a month, let alone six. Thankfully, things got much easier.

Our first time nursing, less than an hour after E was born.

When E was 12 weeks old, I went back to work. I took 3 half hour breaks a day to pump for him. I got walked in on twice. I think they were more embarrassed than I was. As crazy as this may sound, it was really difficult making time to stop working to pump. I am thankful that my employers were understanding and supportive. Soon I was able to get into a pumping schedule and routine at work. Since three months came up so quickly, I knew we would make it to my original goal of six months.

Once we hit six months, I knew I wanted to keep going for a year and then let E decide when he was done. E started solids at about six months. I tried to make sure he got milk before every meal. Around the same time, we took a trip to visit my family. They were so thrilled at being able to feed him that my rule of giving him milk was not observed quite as much as while we were at home. There were a few times between six and twelve months where I wasn't sure we'd make it to where we are now. Here we are at a year. I hit my goal. I'm so proud of us. I plan to keep nursing him for as long as he wants it.

I could get real nostalgic and all teary eyed writing this post about E turning a year old, but I won't in this post. That is a long, stream of consciousness post that will never get published ;) Motherhood has been the wildest ride I have ever been on and I'm only a year in. I can't wait to see what else we have in store.