Things I Like

A friend of mine gave me an invitation to Pintrest and I am hooked on it. It's my new thing to do while I pump at work. If you're not familiar with it, the website allows users to create "boards" and to pin pictures to the boards. The pictures are submitted by other users and there's even an applet for web browsers so you can pin something if you like it while surfing the web! It's been a huge resource to me for things like planning E's birthday party, shopping in my own closet, and looking at beauty styles and trends.

I ran across this picture on the web and pinned it to my Style board. I love the mixing of metals and textures. The chains make it look tough, but the rose gold softens it and it looks less biker.

I had a credit to Ideeli that was burning a hole in my online pocket, so I redeemed it and bought this watch. I am a sucker for great accessories and really thought this watch was on trend by incorporating a leather cuff, watch, and tough rose gold chain.

Kind of obsessed with sequined clothing lately. I would love a sequined dress for a fun going out look. I found this one and really like that it is in a more subdued color. I think I'd buy it if it was black instead of dark blue. Since I'm not nearly as small made as the model, I'd be afraid of looking like a disco ball. A more subtle way I have added sequins to my wardrobe is through sweaters. I picked up two clearance sweaters at Banana Republic over the weekend (they were an extra 40% off!) which are sequined. It's not completely glittery, but it has glittery accents. One has sequin shoulder detail in a similar color to the rest of the sweater. The other is even more subtle: it is a medium gray with a dark gray sequin stripe. Love them both and can't wait to wear them!

I've been thinking about getting moccasins lately. Not a typical fall/winter shoe, but they look so comfy. I would buy them in an unusual color like this mint green. Here's a more traditional colored pair if mint green isn't your style.

I have been a huge fan of Mindy Kaling since Kelly Kapoor slapped Michael Scott in the Diversity Day episode of The Office. She used to have a blog (Things I've Bought That I Love) but stopped writing in 2008. A few weeks ago, she started up a new one (The Concerns of Mindy Kaling) which is like her old one but better. She wrote a book and it was released Tuesday. I plan on getting my hands on it very soon. I finished Tina Fey's Bossypants a few weeks ago and really liked it. I have a feeling I will like Mindy's book even more since I identify far more with her culture and upbringing than Tina's. Mindy and I also consider leopard print to be a basic. I'm really excited to devour this book. Friends who have read it have loved it. I'm almost sad that I won't have much time this weekend to devote to it!
    Web Links
  • My kid sister (who isn't really a kid anymore) recently bought a domain and started a blog. Yes, she does copy just about everything that I do. She's been doing that for a while. She's one of my favorite people in the world and I hold her opinions on a much higher level than just about anyone else's. She's a straight talker, no bullshit, shoot first ask questions later kind of person. Anyway, she started a blog about beauty and fashion. Check out Glitter and Vodka
  • This video has been making its rounds on my Twitter feed and Facebook all day, so I watched it when I got home. Holy crap it's funny. Why Jimmy Kimmel is an evil genius.
  • Great article on why seeing moms NIP is so important. Here's my favorite snippet: ‎"In short, we have edited out public view of so much natural human behavior that we're really left now with a distorted view of how babies should be born and cared for."
  • My favorite article I've read this week is on the depiction of breastfeeding on TV and in movies. There are only a instances discussed in the article. What great or awful depiction of breastfeeding have you seen recently?