Multitasking While Nursing

When I first began nursing, I couldn't do anything else. All of my attention was focused on the act at hand: was E latching properly? Was he comfortable? Was I giving his head enough support? Were my engorged boobs suffocating him?? I also required the help of 9384 pillows when I was in nursing bed and needed them to make sure they were all in place.

Once we got the hang of it, I was able to start doing other things while nursing. I'd typically get on my iPhone and read KellyMom or some social network. This was especially useful during the overnight feedings. I even found different online support groups and forums. It was nice to know that other moms were up and feeing their babies while I was.

Unfortunately, I can't do that anymore. E is far too interested in my phone. He wants to play with it and press buttons. Now it's just he and I. We nurse, we play, I kiss his feet and hands, he giggles. He gets my undivided attention now, just like he did when he was a newborn. I wouldn't trade that for anything, even an iPhone 5.