Things I Like

Fall officially began at 4am! Too bad it's supposed to be in the 90s here. I'm itching to wear my new boots and scarves. Come on, Mother Nature, help a girl out!

I gave myself a fun manicure using Essie's Bahama Mama (left) with Big Spender (right) as an accent nail. I really love Bahama Mama, I'll probably be using it by itself in the near future. I hope to try some of the less intensive nail art I've been seeing all over the place. Most likely will try a half moon manicure when I have some time to myself.

I'm a big fan of Tom's Shoes and the good work they do. I bought a pair of their black wrap boots from ShopBop a few years ago, but haven't worn them much. Thinking of bringing them out this fall, just need to figure out what to wear them with! I refer to them as my Legolas boots because they seem like something an Elven archer would wear. I've been eyeballing these black corduroy wedges, but am hesitant to buy them because of the crummy reviews. I'd be perfectly happy with a pair of theseblack classics with the fingerprint design.

E has decided he's over purees. He's able to pick up pieces of banana and other fruits and feed himself, but what he really wants is what we are eating. D's cousin was nice enough to give us this Kidco food mill she used on her boys. We are able to grind up what we're eating if it's suitable for him to eat. That's how we discovered that he loves spaghetti with pasta sauce and curried chicken with rice.  I highly recommend it for anyone whose kiddo is showing interest in what you're eating. It's very easily to clean and portable. We put it in E's diaper bag when we go out.

That's all I have for today. If you're in the DFW area, go support your natural birth community by checking out Birth - A Play by Karen Brody presented by BOLD Fort Worth. There are showings all weekend and a parenting/family expo on Saturday. Unfortunately, we have a very busy weekend and will not be able to see this. I wish we could go. Let me know if you went and how you liked it!