No Sleep to Dallas

I know that asking for baby advice is akin to opening Pandora's box, but I am desperate enough to take that risk.

Ever since we returned from our out of state trip, E's sleep schedule has been so messed up. He isn't napping for more than a half hour at a time during the day (he usually takes at least one long nap) and he is waking up multiple times at night. It's the getting up at night that's driving me crazy.

He has never consistently slept through the night (a night here and there) and typically wakes up once, at which point he comes to bed with us. The past few nights, he's been getting up and staying up for hours. Last night he got up at midnight and finally went back to sleep at 3!

I think a growth spurt is partially to blame for this behavior. He turns 9 months on Saturday. I'm hoping this new sleep pattern goes away in a few days. If not, what can we do? I do not want to cry it out/Ferberize. It is not for us. Are there any ways to get him to sleep through the night without traumatizing anyone involved??