Have you heard about this blog: Don't Have a Cow Man? A man is attempting to live on his wife's breastmilk alone for a month. His wife is a doula and childbirth educator and has a lot of milk stored in their freezer. They are unable to give it away (various reasons listed on their blog), but have not had any interested parties follow through so he is going to see how long he can live on breastmilk alone.
I don't agree with this for a number of reasons. While it may be a pretty cool experiment, I have a very hard time believing that they couldn't find anyone to take the milk. I've donated milk through HM4HB and Eats on Feets and there are a number of women who do not ask for medical records. I've dealt with moms who are okay with me taking the occasional analgesic or fenugreek. Most who use informal donor/recipient sites know that it is very much a "buyer beware" situation and to really trust the mom donating to them. That being said, a number of moms are really in need of milk for their babies and they are willing to pay to get it shipped to them.

 I also don't know how reliable the "experiment" is. If it were a true experiment, it would be randomized and be a little bit more formal. Anybody with an internet collection can create a blog (case in point: yours truly) and have their own little corner of the internet. Who knows if this is even true...?

This whole thing certainly isn't doing anything to normalize breastfeeding. It seems like it would be a great blurb on the news, "Man lives on his wife's breastmilk alone! Story at 11" and then the newscasters would shake their heads after the report as if to say, "Oh those crazy breastfeeders!" It may even deter someone away who is thinking about breastfeeding because it's just far enough out there. Breastmilk on a cut, sure. A grown man trying to survive on breastmilk alone for a month? I don't know if it's some kind of publicity stunt, but it really seems like a waste of milk considering there are infants who are in desperate need. I guess it's their milk and they can do what they want with it...

What are your thoughts on this whole thing?

Edit: The blog has been removed and the milk has since been donated to quadruplets in California. See more details here