Things I Like

Happy Friday!! Do you have anything special planned? I'm going to see one half of the dynamic duo otherwise known as the Granola Mommies. She's having family pictures taken soon and I will be "styling" her for the pics. We're going to raid my closet and go shopping to get a few things if needed. First we'll be going to see the Big Pink Bus for Milk for Thought rolling through our area.

The first clip has been making its rounds on my Facebook feed. It's a snippet of Sesame Street from the 1980s. The clip on the right is from Sesame Street in 1977. Can you imagine something like this being on a children's show today?? The FCC would have thousands of complaints!

Those YouTube videos led me to this one. I think this is bad ass. It's one thing to donate milk, but it's another to do this. Salma Hayek is pretty amazing for doing this and not backing down from the criticism that followed.

Texas got its first ever H&M yesterday. It opened at Northpark Center in Dallas and I bet like In N Out Burger and Trader Joe's, it will be packed for weeks (months?) to come. I found this gorgeous lace shift dress. At that price, I could get it in both colors!!

While looking for Indian jewelry for my sister's upcoming wedding, I ran across these Amrita Singh earrings. They remind me of fishbones, but also have a great vintage feel to them.

One of my favorite blogs, Outblush, posted these gorgeous Jimmy Choo shoes. I may not have an extra $2100 laying around, but it doesn't cost anything to drool over them!

A friend was nice enough to provide me with an invitation to join Spotify. Not familiar? It is a free music streaming service with almost any artist you can imagine. Now that I have access to so much awesome music, I need some suggestions!! What should I listen to? I like to think that I have eclectic tastes, but really I mostly listen to rock: alternative, modern, indie. Absolutely no country. It's just not my thing. Leave me your picks in the comments!