A Nursing Celebration

E and I have worked really hard to get to this point in our nursing relationship (my nursing story in case you need a refresher). We are almost eight months in, I love nursing him and try to feed him as much as I can in the evenings and on weekends. He's started putting his hands in my mouth and I nibble on his fingers. He pulls off, giggles, latches back on, and does it again. It's a part of our nursing ritual.

When my friend Mae of Mae Burke Photography asked if she could take nursing photos of E and I for her portfolio, I was beyond excited. She was going to start offering nursing portraits. Nursing portraits!! What an incredible way to celebrate a successful relationship! We made plans to meet at a Hindu temple and I was to wear a sari. Confession: I wore the sari with the help of a You Tube video. Thank goodness for You Tube.

We met up on a HOT and humid Texas morning. Mae was told that the temple would be closed, but there were people coming and going. I'm not entirely sure that the temple staff understood what kind of photos we would be shooting. I got E latched on and Mae started snapping away. I didn't even notice that she was there. Twenty minutes and a few backgrounds later, we were done. Here's the result:

This one is my favorite picture. Mae's caption is "I TRIPLE checked...that's his gorgeous mama in his eye :]"

Mamas: if you have the opportunity to get nursing photos taken, DO IT! It's a beautiful way to capture a special time in your life and posting them will help normalize nursing. They will be great to look back on when your nursling is all grown up. I plan on showing these to any girls E brings home along with the naked in the bath pics. Have you ever had or would you ever have nursing photos taken of you?

All images copyright Mae Burke Photography