Putting the FLASH in flash mob

I went to a breastfeeding group tonight with E and we stayed too long. UGH, he was not happy in the car on the way home. Luckily we are home now, he's asleep, and I'm enjoying some milk and Oreos (a leftover from my third trimester pregnancy cravings).

Last month E and I took part in a nursing flash mob! We nursed in Sundance Square in Fort Worth. It was great to be around like minded mamas of all ages and even cooler to try and normalize nursing in public. There is another one this weekend in Hurst at North East Mall. The one in Ft. Worth went great, there were 38 moms there, but everyone was nursing in the same area. For the upcoming flash mob, there will actually be three different locations with someone at each one, so mamas won't be alone. I will be womanning (yes I just made that a word) the area outside of Nordstrom.

For more details, "Like" Breastfeeding Awareness Flash Mobbers on Facebook. They hold monthly nursing flash mobs in DFW. Pretty bad ass, right?? This event is totally separate from the event being held at Northpark Mall in Dallas on Sunday.

Speaking of malls, I went to one this past Friday after the Latch On America event. I went into Banana Republic and tried on The Coat. OHH it was nice!! I don't think it's $200 nice, maybe $100 nice. The tailoring is impeccable. It ties at my narrowest point making me look tiny. I felt like a raven haired Joan Harris. Please don't mind the doofy look on my face.

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