These Are a Few of My Favorite (Nursing) Things

I wanted to say thanks for the support I've received for my last two posts. I've gotten a few texts/Facebook messages/comments from visitors saying that they have enjoyed reading them. I'm glad because I really enjoyed writing them! I thought I'd lighten the mood a bit by posting about a few of my favorite nursing related things.

I did not receive any payment or promotional items from the brands discussed below. All were bought with my hard earned money.

    Helpful Resources
  • is the holy grail of breast feeding. You can find information on just about anything breast feeding related. I have this website bookmarked on my phone in case I'm at work and need to refer to something.
  • Stanford University's School of Medicine has a great page on breastfeeding. They have an especially helpful video on hand expression. I used with the day my milk came in to relieve some of the pressure and pain I was feeling. In my opinion, it's very important for a woman to know how to hand express milk if they don't have access to an electrical or manual pump.
  • This list would be incomplete without La Leche League USA. I am just assuming you are in the US (how Americentric of me). If you're not, here's the website for La Leche League International. LLL meetings are very informational and their leaders are very knowledgeable.

    Pumping and Nursing Apparel and Accessories
  • I live in nursing tanks when I'm at home. I wear Gilligan & O'Malley's full sling nursing tank tops, which are available at Target. They are unbelievably comfortable and provide great support, so much so that I can (and have) worn them out of the house. I plan on wearing these even after E is done nursing. They're about $17 each, so they won't break the bank like other nursing tanks.
  • I own a few nursing tops from Motherhood Maternity and The Gap, but I'm not really a fan of them. I am a modest nurser: I prefer to keep as much of myself covered as possible while nursing E out in public. I don't use a coverup since he doesn't tolerate them, but I stay quite covered. I usually layer by wearing an Undecover Mamas under a regular shirt or tank top. I think these are AWESOME and prefer these over stretchy camisoles. Sometimes the camis don't stretch as much as they should or they get in the way. I was able to get some at less than full price on Zulily, which is a flash sale website. Need an invite? Click here.
  • Nursing bras are typically functional, not fun. They're also expensive. I wrote a post back in May about some sexy(!) moderately priced(!!) nursing bras(!!!!) that you should check out.
  • I use a hands free bra when I pump at work and my hands free bra of choice is a Pump Ease. Not only are they very handy (pun intended), but very cute too! Studies have shown that women are more likely to pump if they have a cute hands free bra. Okay, I made that up. It helps me to look down and see something cute and functional, as opposed to something purely utilitarian. I "Liked" their Facebook page and scored a coupon code for buy one get one free.

There you have it, a few of my favorite (nursing) things. Are there any nursing things that you really enjoy using?