The End of WBW 2011

I realize I didn't post Friday, but it was an absolutely hectic day. I was off from work and had to run a bunch of errands including trying to get a sari blouse altered before the next few weeks. Because I'm still breast feeding, it wouldn't make it across my chest. I also was able to get together with my good friends The Granola Mommies and their sons. We met for a coffee date at a local coffee shop and nursed in public. There was an older man in a purple shirt who STARED. He never said anything, but he seemed shocked that women were doing such a thing in public! No one else in the place seemed to even notice what we were doing.

D, E, and I attended the Big Latch On Saturday morning. We almost didn't make it. I forgot to set an alarm and we didn't wake up until 9 and the mall was about 40 minutes away. Yikes. Luckily, D is a great driver and we had some speedy "buddies" along with us on the highway. There were 27 moms at our location who were latched at 10:30. The results were just posted:
On Saturday 6th August at 10:30am in multiple locations and time zones across the globe, 4123* women and their children came together and breastfed simultaneously across 294* locations as part of the Big Latch On. (*provisional total)

One of the best parts of attending the Big Latch On (or any breast feeding event) is meeting other nursing moms and seeing friends you don't see too often. I think we lingered for an hour after the event was over chit chatting with old friends and meeting new ones.

Boobie Snack at the Big Latch On

Did you go to a Big Latch On event?? Share your experience in the comments!