The magic's in the makeup

Sephora's Facebook had an interesting question yesterday: what was the first beauty product you bought? It got me thinking about my first makeup purchase. I was 12 (maybe 13) when I would see girls in my class pulling out little green compacts in the girls bathroom. I was intrigued. They would stare at their reflection and then pat a delicate looking puff over their faces. I didn't know exactly what it was, but I wanted it. I found out after a friend got one. That night I begged my mom to take me to CVS to get Cover Girl's Pressed Powder in the green compact. Initially she resisted. "You'll get pimples!" she swore, "you have a beautiful complexion! Don't ruin it with makeup!" But I persisted and eventually wore her down.

I remember the thrill of walking into the makeup aisle, knowing I would walk out with more than a random nail polish. I patiently held up the different compacts to my face, trying to match my caramel skin. Most were too light, a few were too dark. My mom finally stepped in and helped me match one to my face. I still don't think it was dark enough. She even let me get their Lip Slicks lip gloss. I picked the pinkest shade I could find. I couldn't wait to get home and try them together.

I slowly bought more makeup, including lots of Jane eyeliner. I got pretty good at putting on eyeliner, right up against the lash line. I kept all my makeup in my Caboodle (remember those?) and would bring it with me to sleepovers, where we would try on each others stuff and give each other makeovers.

I may have moved on from Cover Girl Pressed Powder, but one thing hasn't: that quick rush of excitement walking into the makeup aisle.

Thanks for the suggestions on the last entry. I'm currently giving my hair a break from heat tools and wearing it wavy every day. It's not terribly different, but different enough for me. I'm also loving those extra few minutes of sleep I get in the morning!