The Itch

I'm feeling that itch again. No, I don't mean that not so fresh feeling. I want to change something drastic about my appearance. You know the one. The last time I felt it was 2007 and I cut off almost all my hair. I went from this:

to this:

Don't get me wrong, I loved that haircut. It's probably my favorite haircut I've had. I often think about getting it again, but then remember it's been 4 years since Posh Spice wore it. I've been growing my hair out ever since, and constantly cutting it. I even wanted to cut it mid-pregnancy, but my stylist convinced me otherwise. She said that I would want long hair during labor and that I should wait. She was right.

My hair now is almost as long as it was in that before picture. I had a friend put ombre-esque highlights in it. I say ombre-esque because while they're not true ombre, they definitely have that grown out highlights look. I like them and would want to keep them through summer. So hair color is out. I don't really want to cut all my hair off again because I know I'll regret it. So a cut is out.

Help me, friends. What's a quick way to change up my look?? What do YOU do when you get the itch?