The Big Latch On

Hey nursing mama, what are you doing next Saturday morning?? As an end to World Breastfeeding Week (which starts Monday, 8/1!), La Leche League USA will attempt to break the world record for number mothers nursing simultaneously. The Big Latch On will be taking place all across the US at set locations. Check out LLL USA's website for the Big Latch On to find a place near you. If there isn't a designated location in your neck of the woods, consider setting one up! All the rules and required forms are available online.

It's a great way to meet other nursing moms and cross something off your bucket list. Imagine the bragging rights! "What did I do this weekend? Broke a world record, no big deal." Will you be there next Saturday? Baby E and I will be there. I'll be the one wearing the red soled shoes while nursing my baby.