Mom Jeans

It's been about a month since I wrote in here. I've been dealing with some things in real life that have prevented me from thinking about the light and fluffy content of this blog. Things have settled down (more or less) so here I am.

I was reading Aura Joon's blog and her latest entry mentioned being in a contest at Marvelous Kiddo in which she has to write about how her style has been affected since becoming a mother. I thought this would be a great topic for me to write about because mine has definitely changed. I would like to add that the contest she is in has some incredible prizes!

Pre Baby E, I really enjoyed dressing up. For work, I wore dress pants and a blouse every day except Friday. I loved wearing heels (little ones, not 4 inchers... not at work anyway). I had a Luxe credit card at Banana Republic, my favorite store. My wardrobe included lots of silks, satins, dresses, and skirts. Going out to dinner with friends would mean getting dressed up. I wouldn't wear an evening gown, but definitely something on the nicer side.

Now that E is 6 months old, I haven't worn most of those clothes in at least 6 months. I prefer to spend the minutes I would use to figure out what to wear snuggling or getting a few extra minutes of (precious) sleep. These days, I stick with jeans or unwrinkled dress pants. I haven't worn silk or satin in ages since there is a good chance that it will have a spit up or drool stain at the end of the day. Going out with friends usually means taking E with me. Since we're still nursing, getting dressed involves a lot of layers. I own 4 nursing tops. Don't even get me started on how hard it is to find something that is functional but still cute, well made, and affordable (or maybe that should be an upcoming post). I tend to rely on camis or Undercover Mama tops under regular t-shirts or tank tops. My dresses remain unworn for pretty much the same reason: access to the food source is limited.

Has my style changed since becoming a mom? Absolutely. Do I miss dresses and luscious fabrics? Absolutely. For right now, I'll take my favorite pair of Levi's and cotton tops for every day wear if it means a few more minutes in bed. I'll save my fancy stuff for date nights with my husband. I still love to read about fashion and trends. I still love to shop. Now before I buy something, I have to ask myself, "Hmm... how easily can I pull my boob out of that?" It's not just about looking cute anymore. It's about making sure what I wear is functional as well as fashionable.