Eye of the Tiger

Eyeshadow. I love it. I own so many colors: neutrals to metallics to bright pops of color. It's no wonder that I'm a VIB at Sephora. Before E's birth, I wore eyeshadow almost every day to work. I work at a conservative place so my color of choice was usually neutral. The bright stuff was saved for evenings and weekends.

Once E was born, I didn't wear any makeup for a long time. We had a bit of a rough start with nursing and I barely left the house. My gorgeous little pots of color were abandoned. I would longingly look at them every morning after showering, wishing I had somewhere to go so I could wear them. Then I realized that I don't need to go somewhere in order to wear them.

My goal became to wear a different shade of eyeshadow every day. Some days I would wear something tame, others it was peacock blue. I loved wearing the brighter colors because they brought back memories of going dancing with girlfriends or out to a fancy dinner with D.

Some of my favorites are:
  • Neutrals: Urban Decay's Shag is a gorgeous tan-bronze. I'm South Asian and it really works well with my tan skin tone. It's not sparkly, but it is shiny. It stays all day when I use it with a primer. I also really enjoy Stila's Kitten. It's sparkly and seems to show differently on different skin tones.
  • Brights: Urban Decay's Ransom is a vibrant purple. A close second for bright is Sephora Collection's My Favorite Jeans, which is a bright blue - not for the faint of heart!
  • Smoky eye: I have two older Sephora brand shadows that I use. One is a dark matte gray while the other is a matte medium gray. Unfortunately I can't find links to them online, but they're pretty basic.
I haven't done a colored smoky eye, but I'd love any suggestions for color combinations. What are your favorite go-to shadows?