Last Minute Gifts for Your Galentine

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We all have those friends. The one who goes to the store for crackers when your kid won't stop throwing up. The one you don't bother to wear a bra around. The one who knows how to lift your spirits after a tough day at work or fight with your partner. Galentine's Day is an idea that started on the TV show Parks and Rec and seems to have transitioned into real life. It happens the day before Valentine's Day and is all about celebrating your female friendships. We mamas know just how important our friendships with other moms are, and this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate. In a month where we celebrate love, why not celebrate our lady friends? Some girl gangs celebrate with brunch, others with more adult beverages, while some sip coffee while their kids play (I definitely fall into this group). 



We're getting closer to the Galentine's Day holiday. If you're anything like me, you're only now realizing that they are about a week away. Whether you celebrate these days or roll your eyes at them, you have to admit that a day where you're made to feel like you're a big deal by Bestie is kinda nice. If you're pressed for time or in need of some ideas for your girls, check out the items below. Most are under $30 and all are eligible for Amazon Prime. Order this week and you won't have to worry about missing next week. Don't have an Amazon Prime account? You can sign up here to try Amazon Prime free for 30 days