Black Friday Picks - The Compliment Getters

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I own all of these things and I get compliments each time I wear them. I’ve broken down the links to shop in the collage at the end with explanations of why I like them so much.

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50% off the store, some sale items are 60% off

I wore the yellow sweater tonight for Thanksgiving and a few weeks ago for family photos. I get a ton of compliments on it any time I wear it. Going from wearing lots of black and neutral colors to a bright yellow wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be. Glad I took a risk and it paid off!

The black faux leather mini skirt is something I’ve been eyeing for a while, but finally pulled the trigger because it was on sale and had free shipping. Sometimes that’s the impetus a girl needs. Anyway it’s not too mini, but it is a change for this pants loving lady.

The leopard sweater is WARM and true to size. Again, lots of compliments on it when I wear it. Plus you know I love leopard.


30% off the store

The ear climbers are perfect if you want a lot of drama (the first pair) or a little drama (the second pair). I am a big fan of earrings that make a statement without dangling, because little hands may be tempted to pull them.

The other earrings are definitely for kid-free events. The first pair is usually my go-to pair for work (I own them in two different colors), and the second pair are a fun take on the hoop trend going around.

Old Navy

50% off the store

I already shared my Old Navy picks, but forgot to add these jackets. The first one is your traditional denim jacket, the second has a sherpa lining that makes it warm.

Leopard Shoes

Various retailers and prices

You know I love me a good leopard shoe.

Spanx leggings

20% off regular prices

I haven’t ever seen these on sale! I own a moto pair and a high waisted pair. Both are faux leather and are easy to elevate a casual leggings and a tunic/t-shirt/sweater look. I recently shared some of my favorite sneakers to wear with them for a fun and casual style. I wore the high waisted pair tonight for Thanksgiving and had zero regrets. It held my food baby in, friends. They’re that good and worth every stinking penny!