My Must Have Fall Fashions

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Labor Day is over, the kids are back in school, and pumpkin spice madness is about to take over the United States. That can mean only one thing: it's fall! This is my favorite season for more than just apple cider and Halloween - I love fall style like no other. As someone who grew up in the northeast, I would gladly pick a chunky knit sweater and a pair of booties over shorts and Birkenstocks! I'm now living in Texas and I usually have to wait until mid-November before the weather realizes it's fall. 

I thought I'd write up a post about my favorite fall trends. Believe me, there are tons of posts on them (Googling "fall 2017 trends" leads to over 6,000,00 articles), but not every trend is wearable for every woman. Let me be brutally honest here: you won't catch me in corduroy pants because my #thickthighs add sound effects. Most of my favorite styles would be perfect for you if you're going to be chasing little ones around. Almost all of my picks include breastfeeding-friendly options.  Here are my five favorite fall trends and some fun ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe.



Cardigans seem to be e-v-e-r-y-where this fall, and available in a variety of styles, materials, and lengths. No longer left to stuffy librarians or ladies who lunch, they are the perfect layering piece for cool mornings that turn into warm afternoons. This year I'm seeing a lot of fun cuts of cardigans - long dusters to boxy military inspired cardigans to ones that have a varsity jacket feel to them. Bonus: longer cardigans can provide a good cover for breastfeeding, if that's how you choose to nurse.


Dark Florals

My second favorite pattern is a dark floral (first is leopard print, of course). I've seen dark floral prints in many forms: flowy dresses and blouses, on pants, and floral sweatshirts. I've even seen dark floral boots and accessories. It seems like the moodier the print, the better. One of my favorite pieces is the dark floral sweatshirt I've linked to - so easy to work into my mom uniform, but still very on trend and comfy as heck.


Slogan T-shirts

To be honest, I didn't realize slogan t-shirts ever went out of style. They've been a staple in my mom uniform for years. I have a number of these, some are an ode to motherhood, others discuss my love of coffee and mascara, and a large number are breastfeeding-related (come on, are you really surprised?). I've seen them available everywhere from large retailers like Old Navy and Target, to small independent Etsy storefronts. If you're looking for t-shirts that are a little cheekier or unusual, might I suggest some of my favorite shops? Check out Betty Ratbag, Drawings by Nicole, Fine and Dandy, Bee and Mae, and Rebel Soul Co. With the exception of the last one, they are all mom-owned!



Specifically, bright red! This is a really fun and easy one to work into your repertoire. If wearing a bright red sweater is a little too much for you, try a red accessory like shoes or a bag. My personal favorite is a red lip.


Statement Booties

Don't let the haters get you down.

Don't let the haters get you down.

I love shoes (see name of blog, thanks). Many of my statement booties include a block heel (a thicker, shorter heel), which makes chasing kids a lot easier than a stiletto. They're also a perfect way to add a little touch of extra to your mom uniform. What you would do in the summer with a sandal, you can do in the fall and winter with a pair of statement booties. They're available in a number of textures and features: velvet, leather, embroidered, suede, and more. Do you see that dark floral I talked about earlier? Boom. Two in one stone.


What's your favorite fall trend from this post? Share it with me in the comments!