August Favorites

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Another month has flown by. The kids are in school and I'm in less than 5 weeks away from taking my board exam! While the temps in Austin are still right around 100, I am so ready for fall. More than anything, I'm ready for fall style - bring on the nubby sweaters, boots, and scarves! Here's  what I've been into lately.

Booties (booties booties, rockin' everywhere)

I can't get enough of ankle length booties lately. Target has been killing it with their shoe collection lately. Their Always a New Day brand is brand new, but very modern and on trend. I ended up getting a pair of leopard print booties there earlier this week - it was definitely an impulse buy, but my existing pair of leopard print booties is quite worn. Here are some of my favorite pairs from the Mothership. I own 2/3 of these shoes... not sure I should be admitting that so publicly. Stop judging me!


Fall Patterns

My style lately has been very casual since I'm only working one day a week. I anticipate it will stay that way in the fall, but instead of shorts and t-shirts, I'll be in jeans and cozy tops. I decided to up my sweatshirt game with printed numbers from Old Navy. Perfect for a school drop off or day of running errands, they're incredibly soft and so on trend. 


Dirty Hair, Don't Care

Basically me after nearly every dry shampoo I've tried.

Basically me after nearly every dry shampoo I've tried.

I recently got my hair colored. Since I have so much red in my hair, lightening is always a two part process: lightening and toning. Toner doesn't last forever, so I'm trying not to wash as often as I normally do. Since my hair is so dark at the roots, I am particular about the kind of dry shampoo I use. I was using Batiste Hint of Color Dry Shampoo in Divine Dark. It is tinted dark brown and does not leave my roots gray like a founding father. This month, I got a trial size of Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo in my Sephora Play box and wasn't the most excited about it. I know that Living Proof is a lot of people's favorites, but I've never really been impressed with their shampoo and conditioner (the only products I've tried). They weren't necessarily spectacular when compared to other brands, and I found them to be a little drying, especially on my color treated hair. The dry shampoo, however, exceeded all of my expectations. Not only does it smell amazing, but it is so easy to blend into my dark roots - no more powdered wig for me! It seemed to do a much better job of absorbing the oil and refreshing my style than the Batiste spray. I also loved the volume my hair got after I was able to finger blend it in. I think I've just been converted!


Big Statements With Little Pieces

I've been following a number of small mom-owned businesses on Instagram and recently purchased several pins and stickers from them. While they may not be everyone's cup of tea, I absolutely love that these gorgeous designs and pieces are really important to me as a woman and mother. This includes breastfeeding, political affiliation, feminism, motherhood, and more. Some of my favorite shops include Betty Ratbag, Drawings By Nicole, Fine and Dandy, Ectogasm, Made Au Gold, and Ginger Me Glam. The shops include t-shirts, stickers, patches, prints, pins, and more. Now if only the weather in Austin would get cold enough for me to wear my denim jacket with all the pins on it.!



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Let me know what you think of my picks in the comments and share what you've been loving lately.


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