July Favorites

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Where the heck has the summer gone?? I'm less than 10 weeks away from sitting for the IBCLC exam. I'm trying to study as much as I can, but having the kids home from school presents a challenge. The temperatures in Texas have been up over 100 for days now and I can't help but dream of cooler weather! I'm so ready for the fall. Here are a few things I've been enjoying lately:

CC Cream

I recently got to play makeup doula for some girlfriends and had a blast sharing my knowledge with them as they explored colors and products outside of their norm. Of course I couldn't help but try on new products as well. I don't normally wear face makeup like foundation, especially in the summertime. However I've had my eye out for a new face product for special occasions. My normal drugstore BB cream is okay, but doesn't provide as much coverage as I'd like. I wanted something between the BB cream and foundation. The IT Cosmetics CC Cream I tried on was perfect - lightweight, more coverage, and it looked like my skin, but better.

If BB and CC sound like genotypes used in a Punnett square, you can learn more about them here. You can also click here to learn what a Punnett square is - hey, I'm a biology nerd.


Embellished Booties

Embroidered details have been a popular trend in the spring and summer. I've noticed a number of embroidered styles for fall. It's a delicate and intricate trend that can really elevate a basic item.

I was browsing through the Nordstrom Sale and found a gorgeous pair of velvet boots. Despite being on sale, the $100 price tag was still a little steep for me. I was texting with my sister and told her that I could probably find a similar pair at Target. Sure enough, I found a more embellished pair for less than half the price of the Nordstrom boots! You can shop the beauties below and a number of my other budget-friendly embroidered boot picks below.


Denim Shorts

So this year I did something a little unusual for me. I switched from my regular 5 inch inseam shorts to ones with a 3.5 inch inseam! Yup, my size 16 self is rocking short (for me) shorts all summer long! While solid twill shorts are everywhere, I love the casual look of denim shorts. Plus they're wash and go, which is important when you're already up to your eyeballs in laundry. My favorite pairs are from Old Navy, which has really stepped up its style game of late. I am all about their Cuffed Boyfriend Shorts in the Blue Palo (distressed) wash. I've also gotten some cuffed shorts in a dark blue wash for a different look.


Homemade Slime

Our ooey gooey slime!

Our ooey gooey slime!

I came across a great and super easy recipe for homemade slime a few weeks ago and tried it out with my oldest. It was a HUGE hit and only took 4 ingredients to make, all of which we had at home. All you need is glue, contact solution, baking soda, and food coloring. We enjoyed it so much that we bought a number of bottles of glue during the back to school sales. We're set on slime at the Weber house! Thanks to Jamie of Creating Really Awesome Fun Things for the kid-friendly and borax free recipe


Deodorant Wipes

Lets be honest, it is hot out there. We've had over 20 days with temperatures in the triple digits; unfortunately it has been very humid, too. Being outside for any period of time (even walking to/from the car) leads go getting sweaty. A friend turned me on to these Pacifica Deodorant Wipes - they help with sweat and odor. I have started keeping them in my bag with me, in case my deodorant fails me or I need a little pick up. Unfortunately showering several times a day just isn't feasible for me, especially when I often see moms back to back. My favorite scent is the Sugared Flower scent, but I think they all smell pretty nice and fresh. They're aluminum-free and use a number of natural products, such as gardenia, kale, and essential oils.


Embellished Clutch

My love for embellished accessories continues to clutches. They're a perfect way to add a little personality or pop of color to an outfit. Because they don't hold a lot, I tend to only use them for date nights and girls nights out. I really love this Indian-inspired clutch because it includes a chain to wear it as a shoulder bag. This fold over clutch is available in a number of colors and is surprisingly roomy! This sparkly clutch would be perfect for a fancy date night, while this tassled fold over clutch would be great for a fun brunch.

Let me know what you think of my picks in the comments and share what you've been loving lately.